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Shop for "cancer is a jerk" logo tees & stickers! All proceeds go directly to our cause!

Your purchase of goods from or your direct donation, will fully impact a family battling cancer. Leisha's family is just one of many we have set out to help. We encourage you to share your stories and together we can fight back against cancer!

Families currently fundraising:

Gabriel David Carben

This little 3yr old went to the doctor for what everyone thought was a sinus infection, and suddenly a brain tumor was found! This tumor was pushing on his eye, and unfortunately not all could be removed by his first surgery. 

He is scheduled for more treatments and surgeries, but his condition and prognosis is still touch and go. We desperately hope this little one can fight through and prosper.

His family is in need of help for these expensive tests and treatments. Any purchases or donations can be made in Gabriel's name- simply put this in the memo at payment, and his family will receive the proceeds.

We are wishing you the best little man!

Justin Townsend

Justin Townsend is a 7th grader in Shelby Township, MI.  He loves singing, playing guitar and Tigers Baseball!  He likes hanging out with his dad camping and playing sports.  In early September before school started, he was complaining of headaches, so his parents took him to the doctor. They treated him for what they thought were allergies, and eventually, migraine headaches.  

When the headaches didn't go away and medication was not helping, his mother decided more had to be done. Once a CAT scan was done, he was sent to another hospital for an MRI and they found a "mass" they wanted to remove the following morning.  The the surgery yielded a tumor that was a bloody mess, the size of a golf ball near the brain stem, and Justin lost 2 pints of blood.  It was already at stage 4.  

His family doesn't want to publicize exactly which kind of cancer it is, because they don't want people to focus on the 
horrors of the prognosis, just the healing they hope to see. Justin is currently at St. Jude in Tennessee receiving 8 weeks of treatment.  His dad says it's "the best, worst place, ever".  It is good to be in capable hands but certainly a nightmare altogether.

As any parent would, they are hoping for the best, but know they could be faced with the worst.  It's truly heart-wrenching to see anyone you love go through so much pain and unbelievable heartache.  

His family and friends are all praying and sending positive thoughts to them on a daily basis and anxiously await news each day! We will be thinking of you as well- and hoping for the very best!

Donating to our cause is easy: choose either securely, online through PayPal, or via USPS to our mailbox. 

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Make it Personal!

Raise funds for YOUR battle with cancer

Cancer is a Jerk wants the power of our message to be spread far and wide and to benefit as many people as possible. This means that you can use these tees and stickers as fundraisers for your own battles, or for those of friends and family.

When placing an order, please add the name and contact of your chosen beneficiary, and we will send $5 for every shirt sold, and $1 for every sticker sold in their name. Whether you want to buy some goods and sell them yourself, or refer people to them, as long as the name of your beneficiary is in the memo at payment, they will get the funds sent directly to them.

In line with this, we'd like pictures and a story to share on our website too, so that people can choose your beneficiary to donate to as well, even if they are total strangers! People want to help, and although people purchase these goods for different reasons, all sales directly benefit individuals and families battling cancer!

Direct donations for families

We can also accept direct donations for families and individuals in need. All of the proceeds go to the family directly minus $1 and the actual Paypal processing fees. We want to help but as it costs the foundation a bit to make this possible, we take as little as necessary to process these donation. Checks will be sent directly to your chosen beneficiary, with a receipt showing the donor contact (unless they desire to remain anonymous). This way you know who is heloing and can send thank you notes and such- but you don't have to worry about fundraising besides!

Please email if you have more questions, and to share your beneficiaries stories and pictures.

Families currently fundraising:

Joyce Padavick

Joyce has two daughters and is a waitress in Columbus, Ohio. She and her significant other have been together for 6 years.

Joyce had unexplained breast soreness for a year and a half, but lack of health insurance, caused her to (commonly) ignore the severity of it.  The pain became worse however, so she scheduled a mammogram- which was not easy, being in the unusual category of being "under 40".  

Her right breast was riddled with calcium deposits and the doctor scheduled a biopsy.  It indicated she has DCIS, which has a 99% recovery rate, thankfully- but she still has to undergo a mastectomy and the painful recovery.  

Her surgery is scheduled for November 5th and we wish her well. Without health insurance and lost wages for her time off to recover make her exceptionally anxious, but she's remaining optimistic!  

We are fighting for you, Joyce.

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